We can arrange a wide range of rooms allowing 40 to 80 customers to suit your requirement including engagement ceremony or just wine and dine.

Draft beer(Shizuoka bakusyu)

It is reasonable to think that you can’t leave this place without this local beer called Shizuoka Bakushu: smell of aroma hop, crisp taste, refreshing favor and bitterness drive you crazy to take luxurious world you have never feel before. Don’t miss this chance! Ask us for more information.


For anyone who want to sing, we are happy to inform to offer karaoke systems. It costs price-busting only 5400en per event. Some rooms do not have karaoke systems so check before you come.


Do you have a yen to eating sweet? Try Karintou which is one of the Japanese traditional deep fried brown sugar snacks. In fact, we offer special taste of this crunchy snack sold in only Bihoan. We lap this up for various types of scenes. Feel free to call.

Shuttle bus service

We have free shuttle bus service at your convenience. However, due to the fact that seats are limited, notice approximately 15passengers are allowed to hop in to activate a shuttle bus. Please ask us about this service when making reservation. Some conditions apply・・・